While I was on my much-needed blogging break, the Loeffler Randall capsule collection hit Target's shelves (and their website). The stuff is pretty cute--chances are you've seen this woven bag everywhere, but I like the tote the best. The ballet flats aren't bad either. However, as awesome as the designs are, there's one problem, which I fretted about back in November: Everything is made of polyurethane and thus looks a bit cheap. There's also the problem of seeing every other girl on the street carrying the same bag, which is what I ran into with my Devi Kroell hobo.

My recommendation is to hit the sale section at, say, instead and score some real Loeffler Randall on markdown (like the Isadora pumps, pictured at left). True, you will pay up to ten times Target's prices, but it will be for actual leather, which will last a lot longer. And there's something to be said for not having sweaty feet.


Anonymous said...

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Monika said...

i LOVE this bag!