Reality TV roundup
I am a sucker for the dramatic, headline-grabbing antics of high fashion, so of course I loved last night's Project Runway, one of the few episodes in the series' history in which the contestants were encouraged to go avant garde. (I know they're a sponsor of the show, but I could've done without the gratuitous Tres Semme namedropping however.) This is not going to be a popular statement, but I totally love Christian. He cracks me up, and the dress he and Chris created was exquisite; crazy hair and bratty attitude aside, he really is quite talented. I also loved Jilian and Victorya's ensemble--very Alexander McQueen. Rami used to be one of my favorites, but after the last two weeks--and especially after he unfairly, and undeservedly, ragged on Sweet Pea--I'm starting to rethink that. And while Ricky and Kit Pistol's dress was a hot mess, I think Kit unfairly took the fall. Ricky is good at crying and shaping bodices; can he do anything else? Don't cry for Kit, though--you can buy her accessories on her website, Shop Kit Pistol.

And because I love Bravo so much--well, and because of the writers' strike, there's nothing else on TV--I'm also watching Make Me A Supermodel. Hosted by Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford, the show features both male and female contestants competing to become a supermodel, but the twist is that viewers get to vote via text message who gets kicked off each week, a la American Idol. Yes, it sounds gimmicky, but after two episodes, I think I can vouch that it's far superior to America's Next Top Model. First of all, it's shot on film (as opposed to ANTM's video), which just makes it look classier. Secondly, the format is pretty staightforward: Every week, there's a photo shoot, a runway walk, and a body assessment (more on that later)--no "acting," no b.s. psychobabble, no nepotism. Okay, Tyson is a bit of a diva, but nowhere near as bad as Tyra Banks, and Niki balances him out in a good-cop-bad-cop way. And instead of washed-up old supermodels and "noted fashion photographers," the judges include the head of New York models and a top casting agent. As for the weekly measurements, yes, it's harsh, but so is the modeling industry--clients are way more outspoken and judgmental, and it's something models deal with on a daily basis; I'm actually surprised Tyra doesn't make more of a fuss about this on ANTM, but then again, it's not like any of the winners are actual working models. Which is a fate that hopefully won't fail the winner of Make Me A Supermodel--and at this point, I'm betting it's Jacki. Anyone else care to weigh in?

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