Random notes
1. Get psyched, ladies. The Daryl K sample sale is this weekend. They've got summer, fall, and resort merchandise from 2007; tunics are $150, coats are $175, and tops are $80. Normally I don't get out of bed before noon on the weekend, but you can bet your skinny pants I'll be there (fairly) early on Saturday. 1/26-1/27; 9:30-7; 21 Bond St. (Lafayette & Bowery).

2. Get psyched for Fashion Week! Today I got my hair colored next to British model Lily Donaldson, who was getting her roots touched up (yes, we have the same colorist, apparently). She looked lovely, she was text-messaging the entire time, and her thighs are roughly the size of my upper arms. That is all.


Caroline said...

Its funny! I have the same attitude as you when they have sale of my fav designers

Anonymous said...

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michelle said...

Don't know whether you've heard - but everything at Clothingline's Theory sample sale is now an extra 35% off, and they are open on Saturday too!

Anonymous said...

Cheryl, where do you get your hair cut or colored? I love her highlights.

Cheryl said...

I go to Sally Hershberger downtown. Marie does my color and Tommy does the cut. They are both pricey, but worth it.

Anonymous said...

so cmon, cheryl, what did you buy???

Cheryl said...

Sadly, I only bought one sweater, which was a sample. The sale was about half overstock and half samples; most of the samples were true samples (marked, ripped, stained, etc.), and most of the overstock was still a bit on the pricey side. Also, there were lots of size larges and not so many pants, so it was a bit disappointing, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

That's always been my experience with the Darryl K sales, alas. At least you got one sweater!