Website of the Week: The Moment
I've decided to resurrect my Website of the Week feature, and so 2008's first entry is The Moment, a new blog from T Magazine, the fashion/food/design/travel magazine that appears every so often in the Sunday New York Times. The fellow Times fashion blog, On the Runway, is written by the esteemed Cathy Horyn but is updated woefully infrequently, so The Moment is, I believe, aiming to supplement the gaps with multiple daily posts. It also helps that more than one staffer works on it--everyone from fashion writer Horacio Silva to nose Chandler Burr, and there's also a rotating cast of guest bloggers; this week, it's Milan artist Francisco Vezzoli. Topics range from the practical--daily blog roundups, fashion show reports--to the totally irreverent, like this hilarious post on how to ask for butt implants in Portuguese. I'm definitely interested to see how they'll cover the upcoming women's fall fashion shows; I'm guessing it will be with a little snark, a bit of whimsy, and a unique point of view, all of which makes The Moment definitely worth a daily read.

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