Recommended reading
While I Master Cleanse in preparation for Fashion Week (kidding!), here are some noteworthy stories to read.

There's no question that Scott Schuman, a.k.a. The Sartorialist, is a phenomenon; even Newsweek is onto him, with this story about the rise of "real people" as models. While I don't think "real people" are in danger of replacing models, I do think that it's an interesting phenomenon, in that it seems to be a reaction to the bland models and stylist-dictated fashion permeating our culture. Of course, most of the people The Sartorialist has been shooting lately have been fashion editors, but that may not be neither here nor there.

The Wall Street Journal is jumping on the it-bags-are-out bandwagon with this story, which notes that since women still need to carry purses, they're now opting for ones that are just as expensive but don't have all the designer logos and hardware and such.

Finally, if you are going to Fashion Week, Huffington Post's Claudia Cividino has 8 style tips for you. I concur with the one about shoes--so watch out for those madcap It Shoes clogging the front rows.

Look for my Fashion Week coverage, starting Saturday. (That's right, Saturday!)

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