Jayson Brunsdon Fall 2008
Where & When: Thursday, February 7th at 9 p.m. in the Salon, Bryant Park
Runway Recap: Life was definitely a cabaret at Australian designer Jayson Brunsdon's show; in case you couldn't hear the showtunes, everything was styled with jazz shoes, tights, leotards, and/or bowler hats to drive the point home. Brunsdon makes chic dresses, but many of them were unnecessarily sullied by excessive ruffles, bustles, or Playboy-bunny-lke pompoms. The audience was enthusiastic, but, like in an actual cabaret, I suspect they were throwing back a few drinks beforehand.
Standout Look: Brunsdon sent some great prints down the runway, my favorite of which was this one, featuring a showgirl motif reminiscent of Toulouse-Lautrec paintings.
Bonus Points: This designer should receive applause for his diverse model lineup, which featured several black and Asian models.
Where to Buy: Elizabeth Charles at 639 Hudson Street; Saks

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