New York Magazine's excellent The Cut blog reports today that Steven Alan is doing a lower-priced line for Urban Outfitters, and it will hit stores as soon as July 4th. This is excellent news for those of us who love Steven Alan's neo-preppy rumpled shirts but not their three-digit price tags, as the line, called Lark & Wolff, will retail for a mere $50-$128. Urban Outfitters has stepped up their game recently with Geren Ford's lower-priced line, Hawks; coming up, the retailer will be debuting special collections from Paul & Joe Sister, Bing Bang jewelry, and Charlotte Ronson. So yay for all of that.

Also, sorry for not having written about Alexander Wang for Uniqlo sooner, but my parents were in town last weekend and so I got a little sidetracked. Anyway, I hightailed it to Uniqlo after work on Friday (I have summer Fridays, thank god) and was happy to find all five dresses in my size (they had plenty of all sizes at the time). The funny thing was, though, that the dresses I thought I'd like the most--the vest babydoll dress and the pleated drop-waist dress--were the ones that looked the worst on me. The colorblocked dress was not terribly flattering either. In order to pull off Wang's slouchy, boyish silhouette, it helps to not have boobs, and, well, yeah. I ended up with the shirtdress and the sleeveless black dress, both of which are cut incredibly well. The shirtdress is a cotton blend and the sleeveless dress (as well as all the other dresses) is polyester, but it's actually a pretty nice poly, and it at least fooled me into thinking it was silk. I have no idea if anything is left (rumor was that Uniqlo was restocking today), but this is one of the best masstige collections I've seen in awhile, so I highly suggest checking it out (or surfing eBay, where there are already multiple pieces listed). Here's where I could make a joke about getting so much Wang for so little, but I'll refrain.

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