More online sample sales
Since I last wrote about online sample sales, a ton of new sites have been popping up. And much like sample sales in the real world, more sites mean more variety. So whether you're looking for designer accessories, contemporary fashion, or streetwear tees and jeans, there's bound to be something for you. Of course, in this new world of online sample sales, there's usually a catch: Nearly all of the sites below require a member to refer you, but that's what I'm here for--read below to see how to join each one.

The Top Secret is an online sample sale site from Top Button, the sample-sale-listings website. It has yet to launch its first sale, but its promising-sounding lineup includes Ferre handbags, starting Thursday, followed by Alexander McQueen and Moschino. Since the first sale has yet to go live, I can't comment on prices or selection, but word is that everything will be up to 75% off retail, and sales will last 1-3 days, based on availability. If you want to become a member, email me.

Editors' Closet, which I recently joined, so far has had only one sale live, for Monies US jewelry, which is on sale for up to 70% off. Their next sale, Colette Malouf, is also accessories, and starts Thursday. To join, click on this link, then type in my email address, which is cherylshopsblog [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Rue La La is the most mainstream of the online sample sales, and I mean that in a good way--visiting the site is kind of like going to an out-of-the-way TJ Maxx and finding a cache of treasures on clearance. Recent sales have included heavy hitters like Calvin Klein swimwear, Sferra linens, and Ghurka luggage; Hickey Freeman starts tomorrow, and Dior sunglasses and Elie Tahari are coming later this week. In other words, they cover everything from clothing and accessories to items for the home. Prices are on par with major discounters, but think of it as saving yourself a trip to the crowded, messy, fluorescent-lighted store in favor of a well-organized at-home shopping experience. To join, go to the homepage, and click on "invited by a member." When the box pops up, type in my email address, which is, again, cherylshopsblog [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Regent's Secret sounds and looks British, but it's based on the West Coast, so it thusly has a large selection of L.A. denim and T-shirt brands, which is fortunate for us New Yorkers, since L.A.-based labels tend to have their sample sales in their own city. Regent's Secret currently hosts about one sample sale a week, but next month they're stepping up to two a week, and they hope to be up to three a week by September. Currently, menswear label Kings of Glory is on sale for up to 80% off; retro Rebel Yell T-shirts start tomorrow, and Ed Hardy/Christian Audigier, Hudson Jeans, Frankie B, and Cavalli sunglasses are all on the roster. Regent's Secret gets extra points for being blog friendly and for setting up a special URL through which you can join: Click here to get started.

Finally, there's Haute Look, which has been around so long (six months), I am embarrassed to have not written about it earlier. Nevertheless, Haute Look must have well-connected buyers, because they have an incredibly desirable lineup of sample sales: Thomas Wylde, Diane von Furstenberg, and Joie have all been featured recently; Splendid is live for the next two and a half hours; and upcoming sales include Tocca, LnA, Tracy Reese, and Smashbox Cosmetics. Prices are incredibly reasonable (Splendid, for example, is 50% off current-season collection), items don't all sell out at once (I'm looking at you, Gilt Groupe), and, best of all, you don't need a referral to join. That's right--click here to get started. (If you're feeling charitable, however, you can enter my email address to let them know I referred you. Once again, it's cherylshopsblog [at] yahoo [dot] com.) But, um, don't tell too many people--for once, it's nice to go to a sample sale (online or elsewhere) that's not too crowded.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the best Sample Sale sites for mens clothing? I have a very hard time sifting through all of the womens stuff...

Anonymous said...

Gilt Groupe is pretty good for that. High turnover and decent prices.
upcoming sales from this Thursday till next:
RL Men's Accessories
John Varvatos Shoes
Georg Jensen Men's
RL Purple Collection

Let me know if you want an invite:

dresssimply [at] gmail [dot] com

Anonymous said...

Cheryl- this is a community service, you're a peach!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!!

Anonymous said...


Brand new site I found the other day, no membership required.

I got a pair of DVB jeans for under $50!

Elliott Broidy said...

Great insight.