Warning: Do not try this at work!
I already spend enough time shopping online at work (technically I can get away with this, as it can be classified as "checking out our competitors"), but thanks to Fashionista, I've discovered a new site that will ensure I get absolutely no work done whatsoever. It's called Polyvore, and it's quite possibly the coolest website I've seen in years. Basically, you use it to create fashion collages. You can pick tops, bottoms, accessories, jewelry, bags, and shoes, then you can resize them, flip them around, and arrange them however you see fit. You can do all of one thing, you can create outfits, you can make art...basically, whatever you can dream up, you can create. This is my first set of items; the outfit on the left is casual and very "me", while the outfit on the right is something kind of trashy-trendy that I'd wear if my girlfriends dragged me out to the Meatpacking District. Kind of awesome, right? The images with which you can make your sets come from an array of both retailers and editorial sites (and even some blogs); they range from Forever 21 and Wet Seal to Barneys and Net-A-Porter. Since there are thousands upon thousands of images to choose from, you can then sort by color. I have two minor criticisms--one, is that it would nice to be able to sort the categories further (flats, heels, boots, etc. in shoes, or earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings in jewelry, and so on). The other is that while you can click on the items in your set and it will tell you where they're from, the link takes you to the site's homepage, not to the individual product page (and if they figure out how to do this, I think Polyvore could make a fortune). Regardless, I now have a new favorite website, and until my IT department catches on and blocks it, I have a feeling I will be creating many, many more outfits. All in the name of "competitive analysis," of course.

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