The stuff blogger dreams are made of
When it comes to fashion bloggers, there are two kinds of people: those who post pictures of themselves, and those who don't. Preferring to go about my business in relative anonymity, I obviously fall into the latter of the two categories, and while a lot of post-pictures-of-myself blogs make me cringe a little, there's one that I love for being so incredibly over the top: Bryanboy. If you've never heard of him, Bryanboy is a 19-year-old gay Filipino with an epic collection of handbags and an unparalleled enthusiasm for women's ready-to-wear. And he has quite the following in the fashion world; after being photographed with an "I heart Bryanboy" sign back in February, Marc Jacobs apparently promised Bryanboy, via email, to name a handbag after him. Four months later, MJ made good on his promise; not only did he christen one of his fall 2008 bags "the BB," but he sent Bryanboy the prototype, along with a handwritten note. Bryanboy was so overjoyed, his new namesake bag inspired a weekend's worth of posts, including a faux MJ ad campaign and a night out clubbing. The story was even picked up in Women's Wear Daily [subscription required]. All I have to say is wow. Wow. And: awesome. Also, can I maybe get a bag named after me, Marc Jacobs? I think "the Cheryl" has a nice ring to it, don't you?

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