Guilty Pleasure: Aerosoles Zenacious sandals
Two summers ago, I wore an incredibly uncomfortable pair of platform shoes to work. By lunchtime, I decided I couldn't take it anymore, so I hobbled to the closest shoe store, which happened to be an Aerosoles. I was in so much pain, I would've settled for orthopedic granny oxfords, but I managed to find some braided black leather sandals with studs and a tiny wedge heel--on sale--and after the Platforms of Death, they felt like walking on marshmallows. Fast-forward a couple of months, and my Aerosoles ended up being one of my favorite pairs of shoes. People on the street told me how much they liked them; I took them to Europe and wore them all over Paris and Amsterdam. However, after two summers of heavy wear, they're starting to look a little grungy, and so I've been trying to limit their wear to occasions when I know I need my feet to be comfortable. But the other day I got an email from Aerosoles that shoes! They're back! They're called Zenacious; they also come in white and light and dark brown; and they're currently on sale for $51.75--worth every penny, if you ask me. I am totally going to get a new pair. Because as much as I love the look of my clunky, chunky platforms, it's shoes like these that I end up wearing everywhere. Sad, but true.

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sunnyskies said...

Cheryl - now they're on sale for $29.99! I just ordered my first pair of them in dark brown. The only ones I could find that I liked after months of searching for the perfect pair of dark brown sandals.