Au revoir,
Contrary to what the Fed says, the economy is still not in the best shape. Restaurants, bars, and stores (Racked reports the LES's Shop is the latest casualty) continue to close, and businesses continue to fold. LVMH announced back in January that eLuxury would cease its retail operations [subscription required], a move that surprised many. eLuxury launched way back in 2000 and had been a pioneering--and long-lasting--online retailer. Profits in 2007 and 2008 had also reportedly been very good, which made the decision all the more puzzling--although the current state of the economy most likely was a strong factor. What's really weird is that instead of shuttering the site completely, LVMH will continue to operate eLuxury as an editorial site, most likely extolling the virtues of LVMH brands (like Vuitton and Dior). But until that happens--June 26, to be exact--eLuxury is having a fantastic sale. Currently, select sale accessories are an additional 40% off, with free shipping on orders over $100; I suggest following eLuxury's Twitter feed for advance notice on sales (as well as the most up-to-date info). Of course, all sales are final. But considering that you can get, say, this Zac Posen Aster tote for $420--that's 77% off its original price--who needs returns? eLuxury est mort, vive eLuxury!

UPDATE: Okay, so the discount doesn't apply to handbags, but it does apply to jewelry, watches, sunglasses, belts, scarves, and hats. Also, beauty items are now 60% off. Handbag sale, I'm waiting.

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