Buy It: Alexander Wang's "you look skinny" muscle tee
When it comes to my appearance, the best compliment you can pay me is, "You look skinny." Which probably offers a deeper-than-expected view into my psyche, but whatever, this is my blog. I've heard "You look skinny" several times from several different people in the last few months, and I can only come to two conclusions: One, my body has become leaner due to Core Fusion classes at Exhale (I don't normally cover fitness on Cheryl Shops, but if anyone wants to hear about my experience with Core Fusion, I will gladly write about it--leave a comment or email me). The other is that whenever people have recently told me I looked skinny, I've been wearing a T-shirt from T by Alexander Wang. I know I have sung the praises of Wang before. And you may argue that any old T-shirt is just as good, but I genuinely believe that Wang's muscle tee is worth the price. Yes, any factory in China can reproduce a similar shape, in a similarly slinky jersey, for $20 or so. But Wang's tee is cut precisely to flatter: The neckline lays perfectly at the top of your d├ęcolletage, the sleeves cut across the upper arm at just the right angle, and the fluid, draped fit skims your body without being clingy. And I can't think of anything else in my wardrobe that makes me feel sexier. So, in the vein of Master Card's commercials: Alexander Wang's muscle tee: $78. Everyone telling you that you look skinny: priceless.

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