Object of Desire: Stella McCartney over-the-knee boots
Ironically, as the weather in NYC has finally started to warm up, I've started thinking about fall. Crazy, I know. But fall's runways were all about the legs, and one item that just kept cropping up everywhere was thigh-high boots. Seriously, if there's one item worth investing in for fall, it's boots, and be prepared to wear them with everything from dresses to boyfriend shirts and blazers (hey, who needs pants anymore?). Over-the-knee boots are slowly starting to trickle into the stores (expect more later in July and August as stores clear out their spring/summer merchandise), and one of the first to arrive is Stella McCartney's over-the-knee boots. Yes, they're faux leather, but being owned by the Gucci Group has its advantages--all of her shoes (and bags) are manufactured in Gucci's Italian factories, so the quality is high, from the balance in the sole to the fit in the leg. While not exactly a bargain, the boots are a fairly good value for the money, and keep in mind that real leather boots will be significantly more expensive. They're also, obviously, animal-friendly, if that's your thing. The boots aren't in stores yet (they're only available for pre-order), but that will hopefully give you enough time to save up for a pair.

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