A style ode to Michael Jackson
I've been feeling incredulous and bewildered since about 5 p.m. tonight. Having grown up in the '80s, Michael Jackson was a huge, integral part of my childhood. Thriller was one of the first records I bought (and, yes, I still own the actual record), and I taught myself (though videotape and mirror) the dances to "Thriller" and "Bad." I'm at a loss for words as to explain how weird and sad I feel about him passing away, so instead I'll offer a tribute in the best way I can think of: through fashion. Michael is clearly an influence on fashion at the moment--specifically, at Christophe Decarnin's Balmain, and, generally, within the whole '80s revival--but when it comes down to his signature look, iconic is the word that comes to mind. So, I present the fedora, sequined jacket, white V-neck T-shirt, black skinny pants, white socks, and black penny loafers. Rest in peace, MJ.

Yves Saint Laurent at ShopStyle

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