Recommended Reading: Sea of Shoes
Staying on top of all the fashion blogs out there is practically a full-time job. I like to think I'm pretty well-informed, but all of a sudden I'll start hearing about one everywhere, and then I'm shocked (and maybe a little perturbed) that I haven't heard about it before. Kind of like when you're wearing wide-leg jeans and everyone else in the room is wearing skinny jeans--how did I miss the memo? Anyway, after reading about the blog Sea of Shoes twice in two days--it's one of the blogs featured in Holt Renfrew's blogger windows [subscription required], and now its creator, Jane Aldridge, is designing a line of shoes for Urban Outfitters--I decided to check it out. Sea of Shoes is beautifully photographed, à la Garance Doré or the Sartorialist and primarily features its writer-creator, the aforementioned Ms. Aldridge, in creative, thoughtful outfits, à la Fashion Toast, paying particular attention to her shoes. But what's really remarkable about Sea of Shoes is that Jane, its writer, is 17 years old. That's right, she's in high school. While you wrap your head around that one, I can tell you that, from reading this article, Jane comes from good pedigree--her mother, Judy, is a model-turned-designer and the only "fashion person" she knows in real life, as she lives in suburban Dallas. Jane's incredibly precocious tastes tend toward the more avant garde Belgian and Japanese designers, but I find it interesting how she integrates these edgy shoes into her wardrobe, which leans more ladylike. The writing is more mature than you'd expect, but the focus is definitely the photos, and the spectacular styling featured therein. Did I mention she's 17?

As for her shoe collection, it's mini--just three styles--and hits Urban Outfitters July 15th. The most promising pair, in my opinion, is the brown lace-up boot. I can't wait to see how Jane wears them.

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