MasstigeWatch! Tucker & Gaultier for Target & new+ J

It figures just when I write a MasstigeWatch post, big news drops the next day. Nevertheless, Fashionista reports that Tucker, designed by Gaby Basora, will be the next Go International designer, following Jean Paul Gaultier's designer collaboration in March and Zac Posen's Go collection in April (Fashionista estimates Tucker's line will hit stores mid-summer). This is significant for two reasons: 1) Tucker is probably the least-known designer yet that Target has selected (I will admit, I had to do a search to put an aesthetic with a name), and 2) Fashionista broke this news (usually Target leaks news to Women's Wear Daily). It should be noted that Fashionista has a new co-editor, Lauren Sherman, who, having worked at Forbes for years, likely has an extensive network of business-side fashion sources. I look forward to reading the new Fashionista.

And speaking of Target, the first camera-phone leaks of Jean Paul Gaultier's upcoming designer collaboration have hit the interwebs, via Fashin's live journal page. From what I can tell, it's stripes, jersey, trench other words, very Gaultier, and very promising (I hope). Gaulter hits Tar-zhay le 7 de Mars (or March 7th for those who ne parlent pas francais).

Finally, the latest installment of Jil Sander's +J collection for Uniqlo hit stores this morning, and the best coverage of what's available comes to you from Racked. Reportedly the spring collection will be rolled out gradually (as opposed to being dropped all on one day like fall's was), which will hopefully allow people like me a chance to buy something this time.

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