Objects of Desire: Jimmy Choo 24:7 collection

Years ago, I was admiring my then-boss's boots, which were a gorgeous warm lilac color, in buttery-looking leather with a spindly, sculpted heel. "They're so comfortable!" she gushed. "They're Jimmy Choo!" Those boots likely cost more than I made in a week, but they certainly stuck in my mind. Under the direction of Tamara Mellon, Jimmy Choo has since ventured into a flashier, ultra-fabulous direction, but with the launch of Choo 24:7, the company is getting back to its roots with a capsule collection of more iconic, classic styles. Prices start at a reasonable $415 for flats (but, really, who wears Jimmy Choo flats?), and $495 for a classic mid-heel pointy-toe pump and slingback, which, in spite of being practical and classic, are still quite sexy (it's all about that elegant Choo stiletto). Prices--and sex appeal--creep up with the peep-toe platform and this lovely-looking wedge sandal. Two of my favorite pairs--which, of course, are the two most expensive--are the Private platform sandal and the Glenys gladiator sandal, both with, again, that sexed-up Choo heel. Nevertheless, these are investment shoes--take good care of them, and you'll have them for years. The best part? I can picture my boss in all of these, but, even better, I can picture myself in them as well.

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