Top 5 SAG Awards Dresses

The Screen Actors Guild Awards are a less flashy affair than the Golden Globes--the ceremony is typically on a Saturday night and does not air on a major network--and while many actresses went the traditional red-carpet-gown route, a handful took some risks that paid off. (Others, perhaps scorned by Golden Globes critiques, went more conservative with their dresses.) Here, in no particular order, are my five favorites.

Anna Kendrick
The award for most improved goes to Ms. Kendrick, whose sculpted chiffon Alberta Ferretti was both youthful and elegant. (I'm not going to comment on the Marchesa gown she wore to the Globes.)

Sandra Bullock

Not only did Bullock's Alexander McQueen dress fit her like a glove, it stood head and shoulders (literally--check out those strong shoulders!) above the typical draped goddess and/or strapless glamour gown worn by 90% of the other attendees.

Meryl Streep
Perhaps all the jokes about her shapeless dresses and oversize ethnic jewelry started to get to her, because Streep has obviously hired a stylist this year (either that or her daughter, Mamie Gummer, is helping her shop). This gown is...wait for it...Balenciaga. And while I'm not certain that women of Streep's age were the intended customer for this slightly tongue-in-cheek collection, I think it looks age-appropriate and lovely.

Nicole Kidman
I'm generally not a fan of either Nicole Kidman or Oscar de la Renta, but the two seem to work so well together here. Again, Kidman's look was very unique considering her peers, and paired with her curly hair, she looks like a pampered, relaxed--and, well, rich--bohemian goddess.

Anna Paquin
Paquin clearly loves the plunging neckline, as her Stella McCartney Globes gown had a very similar silhouette in the bodice, and she's not afraid to take risks in terms of fabrics. I think this one works better--it's a straight-from-the-runway Alexander McQueen, and it's perfectly youthful and sexy.

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