New shopping news! Coming soon edition

It's the next-best thing to an actual Nordstrom in the city, and so I am excited by the Shophound's news that the Union Square Nordstrom Rack will open May 11, 2010. Shoe sales, here I come.

In slightly more shocking developments, Racked reports that branches of No. 8 and Opening Ceremony will open in the Ace Hotel next month. The Ace Hotel has so far been a beacon of hope in the inexplicably slow-to-gentrify wholesale district sandwiched in between Chelsea, Flatiron, and Herald Square; hopefully these openings will get things moving once again.

Finally, Madison Avenue Spy has been fervently covering the stores' post-Christmas markdowns, and yesterday she noted that while the department stores have been advertising savings of up to 60%, many items actually exceed those percentages. So if markdown is a big factor in your purchasing, it might be time to whip out your calculator while shopping.

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