Bride wars: Chelsea Clinton vs. Alicia Keys

Poor Alicia Keys. Normally her wedding to Swizz Beatz* would be big news, but even with Bono, Deepak Chopra, and Queen Latifah in attendance, she got overshadowed by the former first daughter, who walked the aisle in $20k worth of Vera Wang silk tulle on the very same day. The funny thing is, Vera Wang dressed Keys too, and I must say, I like her gown a whole lot better than Chelsea's. (Apparently I agree with Cathy Horyn, who, between this article and her recent Snooki profile, is doing little to disguise her contempt for such reporting.) Which is not to say that Chelsea didn't look beautiful--she did, and, as Women's Wear Daily reports [subscription required], she toned her frame with months of intensive SoulCycle and Core Fusion classes (funny, I never see Chelsea at Exhale Soho--I bet she's an uptown girl). Contrast that with Alicia Keys and her wedding-day baby bump, cleverly concealed by that big bouquet of lilies. Still, Alicia looks relaxed and vibrant and bien dans son peau, as the French say. Chelsea's dress is overall indicative of the current vogue for brides--strapless, accented waist, full ballgown skirt--it's gorgeous and tasteful, but it's not necessarily Fashion. I might just be extrapolating my own desires for a wedding dress, but I'll gladly take looking like a goddess in an asymmetrically draped column over looking like a cake topper trussed up in tulle.

*Do you think Alicia Keys will take her husband's name? Will she be Alicia Beatz? Or Alicia Keys Beatz?


Anonymous said...

swizz b looks great in that photo. maybe he should only be seen in profile.

he should take alicia's name, isnt' she more of a celeb at this point.

i like chelsea's dress better though, i'm very over the grecian goddess thing.

Unknown said...

Well, she plays the piano, so I always thought Alicia Keys was a very appropriate name. If she changes her name to Alicia Beatz, I will expect a more beat-centric hip-hop focus in her music. ;)