Cheryl Shops Fall Shopping Guide: Shearling Aviator Jackets

A few months ago, I was watching the Rachel Zoe show on Bravo, and it was fun to see her DYING over the BANANAS jackets on the fall 2010 Burberry runway in London; while my reaction was not quite so over-the-top, I was definitely dying over them in my own way. Shearling jackets are something that, while luxurious, have a tendency to look boxy and dowdy; Burberry made them look young and hip. A jacket is always one of the first things I buy for fall, hence why I'm starting with them; it's a great way to set the tone for the season, and it's often one of the first fall items you break out. With jackets this cool, I can't wait for the weather to take another dip.

I have a fantasy fashion shopping list, and one of the items on it is a Rick Owens leather jacket. They are, really, the coolest, and they have an amazing fit, because Owens constructs them with ribbed inserts, which allow the jacket to be super-snug yet comfortable. This shearling jacket is like a super-luxe version of his signature biker style, with the supersoft lining providing just that extra bit of oomph. The slightly impractical light color makes it even more fabulous.

Adam's aviator jacket is, in the grand scheme of things, reasonably priced considering it's leather with a real shearling collar. It doesn't have as much drama as some other styles, but it has cool quilting on the back shoulders, and the caramel color is flattering on a bunch of skin tones.

Then again, if you're shopping in this price range, why not go straight to the source? Burberry's shearling jacket is just perfect, from the dramatic funnel collar to the deep zip vents on the cuffs. Plus, this is the only true shearling, made from sheepskin with shearling lining. It is, you have to admit, pretty bananas.

This McGinn jacket is probably the most similar to the Burberry look above, with its trim and color scheme, but that's pretty much where the similarities end. While I love the look, $500 for a non-leather jacket is a bit much, although, strangely, the shearling trim at the cuffs and collar is in fact real.

This Aqua jacket is similar to the Burberry style too, but at $198, it's much more affordable, albeit less detailed. It is, however, 100% synthetic; then again, if you are into being animal-friendly, this is a stylish pick.

I make no secret of my admiration for BCBG, and with jackets like this cropped style, you can understand where I'm coming from. It has a great big collar and, like the Rick Owens style above, knit inserts to ensure a snug look. The cropped length is pretty chic too. The best part is that aside from the already gentle price, it's on sale at the moment (plus enter code COLUMBUS10 for free shipping).

This Express jacket has a confusing name: (Minus the) Suede Shearling Jacket. It's all synthetic, by the way, as is nearly everything at this price point. However, whatever uncertainty its name might cause gets cancelled out by how obviously awesome this jacket is. In other words, it's a great look at a great price.

An even better deal is this Forever 21 moto jacket, which is under $40. It's probably not very warm, but that also means you can wear it sooner rather than later. Just don't wear it too much--I'm concerned about its washability.

One of my favorite jackets of the bunch, however, is this New York & Company faux shearling jacket. I like that the color is a bit unusual (sexily, they call it "olive secrets"), and it has a nice distressed look. And I'm not alone in thinking this--apparently none other than chose it as a "most-wanted" fall item.

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