The latest +J collection hits Uniqlo on Thursday, and The Cut has a preview, featuring Raquel Zimmerman, who makes everything look super-covetable (well, not like it wasn't already). Outerwear is $69.90-$229.90, dresses are $99-$149.90, sweaters are $49.90-$179.90, and bottoms are $59.90-$69.90. The store opens bright & early at 8 a.m., so don't forget to set your alarm.

Sunday may by the day of rest, but for handbag aficionados, it's the day Mulberry for Target finally drops. Nitrolicious has a scan of a Teen Vogue story that features most of the bags; as with previous Target collections, all are synthetic. These also come with a cute heart charm and feature "Mulberry for Target" on the clasps--you won't be fooling anyone into thinking these are real Mulberry bags!--but they're priced gently, at $49.99 and under. Blogger Couture & Crayons reports that some Targets already have the line; she scored the tote, which looks pretty good in her photographs (I'm going to ignore that she refers to it as a diaper bag). I think a trip to the Atlantic Center (or, if I'm feeling lazy, might be in the cards.

And by the way, Women's Wear Daily published a story today about masstige [subscription required] and how everybody's doing it. The gist: Fashion is now democratic, not snobby. Well, it's still snobby, but, baby steps...

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