Sample Sale of the Week: Loro Piana

When I was younger, chaotic sample sale environments would get my heart racing, and I'd tear through the racks in search of an amazing deal, other shoppers be damned. Now, if things are too crazy, I'll turn around and walk out. Which is why I love Soffier Haskin. Granted, they tend to carry higher-end brands, which keeps the riffraff out for the most part, but they are also very persnickety about their rules: no strollers, no children under 12, no cash. Their sales are also highly organized and fully staffed, which, combined with the rules, creates a much more peaceful sample-sale environment. True, prices might be a little higher to compensate, but when you're buying luxury products, it might just be worth it. This week, Soffier Haskin has two top-tier sales happening: Now through Thursday, it's Loro Piana, which makes some of the best cashmere in the world. Items for men & women will be available, as well as bolts of fabric. Through 10/7; 9-6:30 Tues. & Wed., 9-5 Th. Then on Saturday, Pratesi moves in, with prices on their superluxe Italian linens up to 75% off retail. Pratesi runs 10/9-10/12; 9-6:30 daily. Soffier Haskin is located at 317 W. 33rd St. (8th & 9th Aves.).

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