In These Shoes: Hunter Verbier Boots

I'm the middle of market week right now, although, to be fair, it's more like market month. Basically, showrooms all over the city are hosting previews of their spring collections, which is great, because I get to preview a lot of merch up close, and it gives me all sorts of ideas, for both the near and not-so-near future. This morning I went to see Hunter, of Wellingtons fame, and while they make a lot more than rain boots (great clogs, boat shoes, and messenger bags, among them), when it comes to waterproof footwear, no one comes close. I have a pair of traditional Hunter Wellies, and the things are virtually indestructible (then again, I'd expect nothing less of the boots that carry the Royal Warrant of Appointment for Her Majesty the Queen of England). If you find the Welly a little too traditional, however, Hunter makes a lot of great fashion-forward boots too--the key point being that they're stylish without being too cutesy or over the top, a feat that British brands tend to perform quite well. One of my favorite new Hunter styles is the Verbier boot. It has a wedge heel, which gives you a little bit of height while still being sturdy, but the coolest part is the back lacing (each pair comes with two pairs of laces in case you feel like changing it up). It's a little cheeky and unexpected, and yet it's still kind of classic--all in all, it's a modern twist on the rain boot (it comes in purple and gray too). And as any Hunter aficionado can tell you, just add Wellie Warmers to make them winter-friendly. They'll almost make you look forward to cold, rainy (or snowy) days.

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