Holiday 2010 Gift Guide: your dark-humored dad

He always expects the Spanish Inquisition, his sports team will hopefully have better luck next year, and, hey, these hamburgers aren't going to grill themselves. Here are gifts for dads who always find the humor in things.

gifts for dads

Clockwise from top left (click on links below to go to products):

What's better than grilling meat over an open flame? Rotisserie-ing meat over an open flame with a Weber Gas Grill Rotisserie, $80, which attaches to any gas grill.

My dad, who reads like a fiend, has been anticipating the Autobiography of Mark Twain, Vol. 1, $19, for years. As far as dad gifts go, this one is pretty much a sure thing.

Only for dads who have a sense of humor about their own mortality, the hands on this incredible Mr. Jones The Accurate Watch, $145, read " will die."

Dads smell like citrus and wood; one of the best cases of this is Carthusia Uomo Eau de Parfum, $120

For weekend trips, my dad has a duffel bag that I think dates back to his days in the army. Upgrade him with the Canvas 1963 Trip Bag from Lands' End, $130

My dad literally wears things until they're threadbare. With a Barbour Mens Classic Beaufort Waxed Jacket, £190, it will be a long time until that happens.

Help him mourn his favorite long-lost stadium with Authentic Stadium Seat Cufflinks, $150, made from, yes, real stadium seats!

Think how much fun your dad will have unsheathing this Samurai Sword Umbrella, $30, in the rain.

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