TheFind Guest Post: BCBG's Convertible Coat Has All Your Winter Bases Covered!

Finding one perfect winter coat is no easy feat -- especially when you live in an unpredictable climate. And of course, buying multiple coats sounds like a fun idea, but it isn't exactly practical during the already-expensive gift-giving season. On the other hand, finding one coat that can do everything is practically impossible. Or is it? The BCBG Convertible Coat has me thinking that my ideal winter wardrobe staple does actually exist, and can successfully combine fashion and function into one seriously cool all-in-one jacket! With its detachable lower panel, you can brave the harsh weather in a long sleek coat that'll keep you warm in any temperature (not to mention a drawstring waist to keep the long look from looking too bulky!), or detach it for a shorter bomber jacket that's cozy and chic! The hood's got you covered for an unexpected downpour or fall of snow, and with a detachable fur collar, you can choose to keep warm and be on-trend, or tone the look down by snapping it off for a more military-chic look. And finally, cargo pockets keep all your must-haves close at hand! The only downside to this do-it-all coat is the $458 price tag, but if you think of all the other not-so-versatile coats you won't have to buy, it's quite the deal!
- Alex Gambardella

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Unknown said...

the coat's on sale for $182!