In These Shoes: Kors Michael Kors Roxanne Sandals

The month between Thanksgiving and Christmas is always a roller coaster--it's equally stressful (shopping for gifts, dealing with family stuff) and celebratory (eating, drinking, spending quality time with family & friends). To me, the good outweighs the not-as-good, and, really, one of my favorite parts of the season--if not my most favorite--is going to holiday parties. From conference-room gatherings at work to all-night champagne punch bacchanals with friends, I love all kinds of holiday parties. The company is the most important element (followed closely by food and drink), but I will say, I do enjoy getting all gussied up for the holiday season--it's prime time for sequins, tuxedo jackets, velvet, lace, and all manner of fanciness. And no matter how frightful the weather outside, festive footwear is in order. This year, I have my eye on these Roxanne sequined sandals from Kors. Sandals in winter, you say? There's no need to wear them bare legged; I am all for rocking sandals with socks or opaque tights--the effect is much more chic than you'd think. As for the shoes themselves, they are sparkly and sexy, with a just-high-enough heel but without a platform, which gives them a more timeless look. As a bonus, the footbed is padded, which means you can dance all night in them, should the occasion call for it. These will look great with everything from a miniskirt to tuxedo pants, but word to the wise: go easy on sequins in the rest of your outfit. Because while you can never have too much holiday cheer, you can have too many sparkles.

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