Holiday 2010 Gift Guide: your hipster-geek brother

He lives in a sketchy loft with 4 other people in Bushwick, he works for a tech start-up, and, inexplicably, he's quite the catch. Kids these days...

gifts for your brother

Clockwise from top left (click on links to go to products):

Relive your childhood with marathon sessions of New Super Mario Bros. for Wii, $44

So he's not the only dude on the L train without one, a Brixton Stroll Fedora, $50, is equal parts Don Draper and Pete Doherty

Break his Beacon's Closet habit with a nice new Rag & Bone Officer Shirt, $154

These C3Po and R2D2 Star Wars Mimobot USB flash drives, $36, will make him the envy of the entire IT department

Because he'd never listen to the new Kanye on those cheapo earbuds that come with the iPod, try Skullcandy Lowrider SC Blue Headphones, $40

Because even hipsters need to go out in the rain, these Hunter Bormio Combat Boots, $150, have that "What, these old things?" look

His loft needs some decor other than that huge plasma TV and a futon. How about a Porcelain Robot, $68?

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