MasstigeWatch: Calypso for Target and Sophie Theallet for Nine West

Ever since the hype monster that was Lanvin for H&M, things have been quiet on the masstige front. Sure, Target launched William Rast the week before Christmas, but it hardly created a frenzy. Is it possible that we're masstiged out? Maybe. But being the optimist that I am, two recent announcements have me believing in masstige once again.

The first is that Calypso St. Barth is doing a Target line. Joke all you want about Calypso's less-than-original bohemian-bourgeois aesthetic, but I dare you to find better vacation-wear all under one roof (and available year 'round). And while I find Calypso's prices not so unreasonable (especially when on sale), Target prices are always better. The line hits Target stores (and, of course, May 1st and will retail for $1.99-$79.99. I am praying for it to be heavy on cotton maxi-dresses and tunics; expect to see me wearing them all over Fire Island this summer.

Racked National reports that MObama fave designer Sophie Theallet will collaborate with Nine West on a capsule accessories collection featuring bags, shoes, and some jewelry. It sounds kind of French--Eiffel Tower accents and such. So far that's all I know, but of course I will share more details when they're available.

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