Sample Sale of the Week: Shoe-Inn 13th annual warehouse sale

I love shoes, which, if you read Cheryl Shops on a regular basis, is obvious. I love shoes so much that, to prevent me from financial ruin, I'm allowed to buy only one pair per month. (This, sometimes, is absolute torture. Also, sometimes I cheat.) What also helps is buying shoes on sale, something one can easily do at the 13th annual Shoe-Inn warehouse sale. This famed event takes at the Gotham Hall on Broadway and features shoes ($19.99-$99.99) and boots ($39.99-$199.99) from the likes of Stella McCartney and D&G on down to Stuart Weitzman and Tory Burch, and even UGG, Converse, and Steve Madden. With over 10,000 pairs of shoes on display, you often have to do some digging, but everything is organized by size and generally tends to stay that way, due to the vigilant workers' efforts. It's a must-hit sale for shoe fanatics, especially those with an hour or two to spare. Through 1/6; 9-7; 1356 Broadway (at 36th St.).

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