My new year's fashion resolution: wear more color!

When I first reviewed Google's new site, I remarked that there wasn't enough variety, and that it felt like shopping in my own closet, but that I'd wait to see what happens when I give it more information. And you know what happened? It became even more like shopping in my own closet. And, as it turns out, my own closet is black and gray. It's really depressing, to be honest, and looking at my boutique does not inspire me to shop in the least. So while I'm not usually one to make new year's resolutions, I think my closet is in desperate need of a fashion intervention. Hence, I'm resolving to wear more color, as well as more patterns (other than stripes and plaids, which I am quite comfortable with), and this applies to everything from clothes and accessories to makeup (my Bobbi Brown-like commitment to neutral makeup is probably worthy of its own post, so maybe I'll save that for another day). After all, the next three months are bound to be dark and dreary, so why not perk up with a little color? Here's what I have my eye on at the moment.

New Year's Style Resolution: More Color

Clockwise from top left:

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