Sample Sale of the Week: Zero Maria Cornejo

The very first time I went into Maria Cornejo's old store on Mott Street, the designer herself was working the sales floor, and as I shopped, she asked my opinion on everything--an experience that was equally engaging and intimidating. I find her clothes tiptoe the line between soft and hard, minimal and intricate, pretty and almost unwearable, and it's that delicate balance that makes them so exciting and coveted. (Did I say any of this? No. It was more like, "Oh, I like it!") In the grand scheme of things, Cornejo's clothes are still somewhat reasonably priced, but her one-day-only sample sale is a great opportunity to stock up on statement-making pieces that you'll wear forever. She's teaming up with Repetto shoes, and prices are up to 80% off, with 10 years' worth of archive samples starting at $50. 4/28; 11-5; 84 Wooster St. (Spring & Broome Sts.), 6th fl.

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