TheFind Guest Post: Butter London Spring/Summer 2011 Collection: Pretty And Punchy Polishes!

As a girl with sad, brittle nails, it's not often that my tips are in tip-top shape... or even long enough to justify polishing them. But those rare times when they are lookin' good, I instantly become polish-obsessed! Nearly every day I'll end up switching up whatever shade I'm currently rocking -- from dark merlot and glittery gold to bright lemon yellow and even glossy nude -- I'm a sucker for new shades! That's why I can really appreciate a nail polish collection that's cohesive yet still packs an impressive variety of shades. Take Butter London's Spring/Summer 2011 collection, for example. While you wouldn't expect a powdery gray-blue (Lady Muck), gold-tinged green apple (Dosh), cobalt blue (Blagger), and pale pinks (Hen Party and Teddy Girl) to belong in the same color story at all, it somehow manages to work. It's punchy and bright but balanced with cool neutrals for an overall look that's reminiscent of your typical unpredictable April spring day - sunny then rainy, cloudy but vibrant! It's the perfect cure for polish addicts who love to switch it up!

- Alex Gambardella

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