TheFind Guest Post: Fabulous Find: Jean-Michel Cazabat Women’s Murita “LOVE” Ballet Flats

I must admit, I L-O-V-E anything with the word “love.” I don’t know if it’s an obsessions or a subliminal mind-power trick that the marketing geniuses of different designers have bestowed upon my consumer psyche but uncontrollably, if I see an accessory or top that mentions, or even slightly utters, the four letter word, my inner-romantic takes a hold of my body and wallet and I’m purchasing that piece with the first portion of plastic my hands can find. This is what happened with the Jean-Michel Cazabat Women's Murita “LOVE” Ballet Flats. Though the mix and match ready style and simple, ultra-feminine design, was enough to make me take a double look, what really had me going was how the word “love” was spelled just like I used to sign off on all of my letters in high school, and sometimes still do in greeting cards now. Jean Michael used a heart to replace the “O” on his Love Ballet Flats. How cute is that detail? Swoon! I’m like a boy-crazy adolescent all-over again. I’m going to wear this cute and comfy pair almost everywhere and there’s no doubt that I am going “love” every second of it.

- Mira Torres

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