Buy it: Arm Party by the Man Repeller at Baublebar

As you might expect, a lot of people think I'm hard to shop for. This might be true, but some of my favorite things were given to me as gifts. The fun in having other people shop for you is that often they pick things that you never would have chosen yourself—and I, for one, often find myself pleasantly surprised by the results. So when the excellent jewelry site Bauble Bar teamed up with one of my favorite bloggers, the Man Repeller, I jumped at the chance to shop it. Here's how the Arm Party works: You answer a few questions—wrist size, feelings about skulls, etc.—and Bauble Bar sends you a curated set of five bracelets. I have small wrists, but otherwise I left everything to chance. At right is a picture of what I received. While I don't think I'd wear all five of these together—the two blue/brown bracelets don't work so well with the neon green, orange, and yellow—I at least have two mini arm parties that can be integrated into my existing bracelet collection. Individually, I like them all, and I can almost guarantee I never would have picked them out on my own. A pleasant surprise indeed.


Sarah said...

I really can't believe THAT is what you get for $50. That looks nothing like the bracelets she wears and posts on her site. If you are looking for stackable bracelets for cheap, try EBAY!!! Eeekk! You could have gotten like 25 pieces for $50. Two sellers I like in particular are iwillrockon2008 and Selfcreative.

Unknown said...

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