In These Shoes: Vince Camuto Toleo Sandals

In spite of the fact that I write a blog devoted to the pursuit of shopping, I have a price threshold for most things. For shoes, my favorite, it's actually about $300. (An exception: I paid full price—much more than $300—for my wedding shoes, which I wore, you guessed it, once.) And while I do manage to score some amazing pairs on sale, this has prevented me from investing in some really quality footwear. Take, for example, YSL Tribute sandals. In a neutral color like black or nude, they're practically a classic at this point, and I have a feeling that if I actually ponied up for a pair, I would definitely get my money's worth. (Side note: They are, by almost all reports, incredibly comfortable, which is always a bonus when you're spending $800 on a pair of shoes.) The problem is, I just can't pull the trigger.

I had no problem whatsoever buying Vince Camuto's Toleo sandals. Okay, they are a blatant knockoff, however the front straps are thinner, and the platform doesn't have quite the same sculptural quality. That said, they are finished quite well, with a stitched sole and a nice balance to them. While I can't exactly compare them with the Tributes, I can report that they're so comfortable, I walked from my office in Times Square to the East Village with nary a blister. Also, it should be noted, they make your legs look fantastic. At $98, they're pretty much a no-brainer: I will probably order them in nude and, Vince, if you're reading this, whatever other color I can snatch up—silver would be absolutely fantastic, wouldn't it?  

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