Holiday 2017 gift guide: gifts for kids

Seriously, how is it almost Thanksgiving? And because I don't want to be the only blogger out there who's not doing a gift guide (kidding—I actually love doing these!), here's the first installment in this year's holiday 2017 gift guide. I always start with kids, because they're the most fun to shop for (and the most fun to watch open presents). Here are my picks for kids of all ages.

1. This elephant flaps its ears and plays music, which will probably make parents want to kill themselves, but should delight babies.
Baby Gund Flappy the Elephant $40

2. Kids of all ages are obsessed—obsessed—with Minions, which makes this pretty much the coolest suitcase in existence (even for grown-up kids like, ahem, me).
Away Minions carry-on $225

3. With LED lights, this garbage truck takes something kids are already obsessed with and steps it up to a future-Burning-Man-participant level.
Laser pegs garbage truck $45

4. The only thing that may be cooler than Minions is unicorns, and with customizable options, this one is likely to make you seem like the superhero.
Magical superhero unicorn cape $29.99

5. I love reading Amazon reviews, and the ones for this product do not disappoint—people are legit amazed by how much fun kids have with this set. It's never to early to put them to work, I say.
Melissa & Doug Let's Play House set $23.24

6. Think of this as the junior version of the pink pussy hat. And, note, it's not just for girls.
Oeuf feminist crown $48

7. My friend's daughter has a personalized book like this and she pretty much thinks it's the best thing since…well…Minions.
Goodnight Little Me personalized book $34.95

8. This present is so cool, I kind of want one for myself—again, another gift for kids of all ages.
Design-your-own street art headphones $30

9. I can envision everything from grade-school goofiness to teen angst expressed on one of these light-up signs. Plus, it's just so Instagrammable!
My cinema lightbox $30

Stay tuned for my next rounds of gift guides, coming next week—just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

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Tiffany of Rattles and Pearls said...

I LOVE the elephant! So cute.