Labels I love: Nars
Perhaps brand is a better word than label in this context, but some of my favorite cosmetics are by Nars. Created by makeup artist Francois Nars, the line is adventurous and yet incredibly flattering color-wise, and it introduces products you never thought you needed, but now that you have them, you can't live without them (case in point: J.Lo's secret weapon, body glow, and the multiple). I'm especially a big fan of the palettes, which are great for people like me who prefer to sample before they commit to a full size. Through the palettes, I discovered Copacabana the multiple, Butterfield 8 lip lacquer, the universally flattering Dolce Vita lipstick, sparkly peach Night Star eyeshadow, and my favorite item, Orgasm blush. Best of all, the chic, modern, black-and-white tubes and compacts complement my black-and-white bathroom.

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