Not so much: Juicy Couture bags
I'm introducing a new feature here at Cheryl Shops: Not so much. It's a complicated way of saying "no", and thus "Not so much" is a label I'm giving things that I think are ugly, gross, unfashionable, etc. For example, several weeks ago I mentioned that Scoop is selling Camp Beverly Hills T-shirt--those would definitely warrant a "Not so much".

So as for the first official Not so much, today I got an e-mail from announcing the arrival of Juicy Couture bags. Now, I will admit to owning quite a few Juicy tracksuits, as obnoxious as they may be. But the bags are, in a word, tacky. This clutch is a blatant Gucci rip-off; the leather satchel--a whopping $475!--looks like the poor woman's Birkin; and the jelly bag is logomania at its worst. Gross.

So, Juicy Couture bags: Not so much.

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