News digest
WWD: Blame it on Nipplegate: Lingerie ads go demure (except for La Perla and Agent Provocateur--go Europeans!); vintage enthusiast Keni Valenti to clear out his warehouse 6/14-20; expect a Juicy Couture store to open at Caesar's Palace in Vegas later this summer; and Tocca is 10 years old.

NYT: Indie perfumers give you a unique smell; apparently, the kids these days are wearing zoot suits; and clogs are trendy. Now, between the zoot suits and the clogs, I could've sworn I was reading stories from 10 years ago. We all know the Times is a bit slow on the trends, but I didn't realize they were that slow.

NYP: Summer dresses; citrus colors are the new pink; and a bunch of random information.

The Daily: Gap news: Sarah Jessica Parker is their new spokesmodel and ousted Gucci CEO Domenico De Sole to join Gap's board; Bergdorf's couturier; and new summer makeup and the Chanel lipstick you can't find anywhere.

VV: Lynn Yaeger tells you where to buy anti-Bush clothing. (I'll definitely be purchasing some to wear with my "Lick Bush" thong, which was so kindly sent to me at work.) In honor of the 6/7 CFDA awards, take this American designers quiz (I got all but one question right, in case you were wondering); a regal tank top; and five unisex fragrances. Where to find a great beach bag; more on couture's slow death; and Marilyn Kirschner's spot-on analysis of last week's Harper's Bazaar article from the Times. Just in time for the beginning of beach season, cover-ups; and cooling products from L'Occtitane. In the new installment of Shop Tart, a bunch of stuff you'll have a hard time finding in this country.

MUG: This year's award-winning cosmetics.

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