Website of the week
I am deeply interested in fashion history, and I don't like looking like everyone else, so, clearly, one would assume that I'm way into vintage clothing. This is partly true. I like vintage stores in theory because I'm impatient and don't always have the time to sift through racks upon racks of clothing at, say, a Salvation Army or flea market. In practice, however, I find that vintage stores tend to be wickedly overpriced (this is especially true at stores like Decades and Resurrection--although, yes, I understand that vintage designer pieces are worth more and etc., but still). So I've found that online vintage stores are a good place to look--the prices are way more reasonable (no New York City rent to pay), and you don't have to search forever. One such site is Vintage Cool Things, which has accessories and clothes for men and women, at prices on the more reasonable side of exorbitant--the majority of items hover in the $30-$50 range but can go into four figures. Plus, buy three items and get 10% off your order--not a bad deal at all when you know you'll look totally unique.

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