Website of the week
With Cheryl Shops, I try to write the best blog I can. This means lots of hours performing "research" (i.e. shopping), surfing the web (i.e. shopping), and reading (i.e. shopping). Speaking of reading, I enjoy other fashion blogs' unique points of view, and while there are many things I'd like to change about Cheryl Shops, I think I do an okay job. But when I came across the blog Stylephile, my heart sank a bit. Covering both NYC and L.A., it has up-to-the-minute sale updates, new products, and a groovy retro-kitsch design. Of course, it also has the media muscle of entertainment trade rag Variety behind it, which helps to explain the many daily updates and the super-professional look. Um, not that I'm drawing any comparisons there. The Stylephile's writer is unnamed, but her voice (or voices) is casual and conversational--informative but friendly. Now, please don't ditch Cheryl Shops altogether; I think Stylephile will be a nice supplement. But Stylephile deserves props, and I'll be the first to give 'em when deserved.

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