Not so much
Having taken the GRE on Saturday, I decided to hit the Sigerson Morrison sale on Sunday and treat myself to a pair of shoes, since they were all marked down to $110. I happened upon the handbag store on Mott first and was pleased to find the entire line of Belle shoes there also. (For the newer readers out there, Sigerson Morrison is, hands down, my favorite shoe line, and was the subject of a Labels I Love back in April of last year.) I've had my eye on this pair for awhile, so I was quite excited that they had it in my size, in metallic green. However, when I tried it on, I could barely fasten the buckle, even on the last hole. Now, I know my feet are on the wide side, but I take pride in my thin ankles--and this was clearly an ankle issue, not a foot issue, as I also tried on the size 9, which was huge, and I still couldn't buckle it! Of couse, then I looked around the store and realized that they had this shoe left in every size, and in practically every color. Dumb move, Sigerson Morrison. Why tempt us with such cute shoes that fit only the boniest of feet? So, this pair: not so much.

(Never fear, I found a pair that does fit. They're metallic pink, with a pointy toe, a dainty kitten heel, and a cool ankle strap with elastic and three snaps. And I have plenty of room in the ankle, so ha!)

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