Project Runway recap
On this week's episode of Project Runway, the designers had to work together to create an entire collection for wear in the year 2055--the twist being that they had to "design" by reworking $50 worth of vintage clothing. I found this amusing because 1) $50 does not go very far in a new york city vintage store and 2) lots of "designers" rework vintage clothes nowadays--in fact, the concept is a bit tired by now. Anyway, Kevin was picked to be the lead designer of the group, and for awhile, things seemed to be going well, until it was determined that Kevin is not much of a leader. Enter Kara Saun, who led the group in an over-intellectualized discussion of the cohesiveness of their collection. I found this part amusing also, because if you've ever read a designer's program notes from a fashion show, you know that they tend to spew a lot of over-intellectualized b.s. Anyway, Austin (last week's winner, so he was immune) sent out a very Prada-looking ensemble; Jay, who continues to surprise me in every episode, totally flipped out over his design, but the judges obviously liked it, and I thought it was quite pretty and even elegant. But Kara Saun took the cake again with an admittedly gorgeous floor-length coat--very Mad Max. (At this point, if Kara doesn't make it into the final three, I'll be shocked.) And while everyone else sent out very deconstructionist designs, Kevin's was very austere and not at all deconstructed. Although Wendy and Robert sent out totally gross, unflattering blobs of fabric (why are either of these people still in the competition?), Kevin was "out" for not following his own orders. Personally, I would've gotten rid of Wendy, who is clearly off her effing rocker, but the producers must think she makes for good television, kind of like Omarosa on The Apprentice. But, never fear, because... week, the challenge is to redesign the U.S. Postal Service uniforms, and there is ample footage of Wendy losing her shit. I am so looking forward to it.

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