America's Next Top Model recap
If I had to pick a title for this week's episode of America's Next Top Model, it would be "Hatin'." The show started with a bang: Lisa drinking...and drinking...and drinking...and playing around with bubbles in the Jacuzzi. (Um, doesn't anyone know you're not supposed to put bubble bath in a hot tub?) The next morning, the girls received a visit from supermodel Iman, which impressed me at first, until I realized that Iman was there to plug her new book. Anyway, the supe showed the girls how to take care of their skin by creating masks out of honey, oatmeal, and other stuff every non-eating model should keep in her fridge. The girls were then subjected to a challenge where they had to plug their natural mask on a late-night-type show; Kyle, who, seemingly out of nowhere has started kicking major ass, won, and picked Nicole to share the win with her--the prize was hosting a "Fabulous Life of Supermodels" show for VH1 (I couldn't tell if this was for a "real" show or not--whether it actually airs remains to be seen). The challenge was followed by footage of Coryn and Lisa hating on each other, ending with Coryn calling Lisa a "drunk bitch." Oh no you didn't! Lisa couldn't believe she hadn't won, so she moped around the house as the girls filmed their segments then, having been scolded for being too loud by the VH1 producer, started drinking wine. At 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Lisa proceeded to drink for the rest of the day, finally passing out in a lounge chair by the pool. The kindhearted Bre and Nik brought her inside, then Lisa called her boyfriend and started to freak the fuck out, hyperventilating and all. Now, as obnoxious as I think Lisa is, I started to feel bad for her here--the girls are all under a lot of stress, and even Lisa isn't immune to it. Breakdown aside, she brought it the next day--the girls had to film a TV ad, take a photograph (for a print ad), and do press (with some dude from Entertainment Tonight) all in support of Secret deodorant. Which brings us to Hatin' Part Two: During the TV ad, the girls had to reveal a "secret" that they had, and it turned out Jayla and Nik were both afraid of the dark, although Nik decided to include the fact that she sleeps with a night light. Both girls were kind of flustered after figuring this out--Nik visibly more so--and while Jayla was fliming her ad, she said she was afraid of the dark and uses a night light, thus stealing Nik's line. Which is when Nik started freaking out, talking about Karma...and sucking big time during her ad, photo shoot, and interview. And then later that night, Lisa, since she doesn't really have any friends to lose, told Jayla about why Nik was mad at her. Jayla then amusingly called all-out war on Nik, and while maybe she overreacted just a bit, I found it kind of cute--yes, Jayla even makes evil look cute. Of course, the cameras cut to her smirking, cute little face during judging, when Nik was in the bottom two with Coryn. But let's face it, Nik just had a bad day. Coryn, on the other hand, was deemed "too sad" to be a model, so she was sent home. And, ironically, when Coryn was packing up her bags to go home, it was the happiest I'd ever seen her. Oh, and Nicole's photo was chosen to appear in this week's People in an ad for Secret; Lisa, who was called first, probably had the second-best shot.

Next week, Kim gets more annoying comments on her sexuality.

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