Website of the week
In honor of this week's Los Angeles "Fashion" Week (oh, and I thought it was all over), this week's website of the week is an L.A.-based site that is very L.A. (lots of T-shirts) and yet not very L.A. (no True Religion jeans). The site is Sun Walters, and it has a hip, easygoing mix of names you've heard of (Twelfth Street, Free People) and ones you haven't (3J Workshop, Pink Spike). A lot of the items are on the affordable side (i.e. under $100), but I think the coolest part is that the site supports independent designers, whether they're familiar names or not (and, okay, I know Free People is owned by Urban Outfitters, but most of these designers are independent). You can shop by category or by designer; there's also a nice little fall trend report for the shopper who needs an editorial voice. I like the uniquely detailed Birds tee by Pink Spike; the kind of '80s Metallic Oversized sweater by Jenny Han (can't you picture it on Ashley Olsen?); this cool bolero top by A Common Thread; this wide-leg pant by LA Made (which appears to be a non-sleazy version of American Apparel); this Sasha mini dress by Conspiracy Eight; and this very Sienna Miller multistrand beaded necklace. Spend $100 (not so hard) and get free shipping. There's also a nice Wish List feature for those of us who, well, like to wish for stuff. And with that, I formerly vow to stop making fun of L.A. "fashion"--they might love their jeans and tees, but they definitely know what they're doing.

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