Cheryl Shops...for her own birthday present
After my last post, you're probably going to think I'm totally crazy. And I am, but hear me out. So, my birthday was a few weeks ago, and every year I treat myself to something nice but not ridiculous (i.e., not a new Marc Jacobs bag). This year I thought, since I'm about to move and all, that I should count, say, my new rug as my birthday present. But, you know, I can't wear a rug. So after I got my hair done a few weeks ago, I stopped into Alexander McQueen on the way home, thinking I might treat myself to a skull scarf. Of course they were sold out, but I put my name on the waiting list, figuring either I'd never get a call, or if I did, I'd be over it. Lo and behold, I got a call today from a very friendly salesgirl, and she convinced me to stop by the store after work. I thought the scarves were like $500; they were actually less than half of that, and Alyssa (my salesgirl) told me that they only make 20 in each color. And since they sell out the day they hit the store, Alyssa told me, people buy two (that's the limit) and sell one on eBay. Um, so that's what I did! I know it's not totally logical, but I checked, and the scarves are indeed going for about $500 each. So, hey, my scarf will basically pay for itself! By the way, if you're interested, email me; I'll be listing the scarf tomorrow night. (Also, this reminded me of the time I was second in line to buy tickets for Madonna's Drowned World tour, and instead of buying the max of six tickets at $200 apiece and selling them on eBay for a 1000% profit, I just bought two and have been kicking myself ever since.) And, in case you were wondering, my scarf is fabulous, and I couldn't be happier with it. It's black, with blush-pink skulls; the one I'm selling is pink with black skulls. See? Being thrifty doesn't always have to mean shopping at K-Mart--you just have to be in the right place at the right time.

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