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In my old age, I'm becoming increasingly flaky. Not flaky as in unreliable, but flaky as in New Age hippie-dippy. It probably started with yoga. For about a year now, I've been seeing an acupuncturist for a chronic condition I have, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone, as I definitely believe it and the supporting Chinese herbs I take really do help. Lately, I've been dabbling in macrobiotics (yes, what Gwyneth and Madonna eat), which is not nearly as crazy as people seem to think it is. Also, I'm a firm believer in feng shui. For example, I spent a weekend last fall clearing clutter from my apartment (clutter is very bad in feng shui) and lost two and a half pounds the following week. Clearing clutter, however, is a fairly easy proposition in comparison to decking out your apartment with all of the other random items suggested by feng shui books. Having no idea where one would purchase faceted crystal balls and Mandarin ducks, I turned to the internet, where I found the wonderfully wacky You can shop by product category (Auspicious Fishes, Deities & Guardians, Money Frog, etc.), by aspiration (career, love, wealth, etc.), or by room. As one might imagine, a lot of the items are on the far side of tasteful. However, for the feng shui devotee, there are some necessary yet hard to find items: I'm going to need several faceted crystal balls to slow down the chi in my apartment; I'd like a laughing buddha for my "helpful people" sector; and feng shui is big on water fountains, so why not go for the Ingot fountain to attract wealth luck? Even if you're ordering a bronze buddha statue, all orders ship for a flat rate of $6.80. So, hey, maybe that wealth fountain is working already!

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