The Cheryl Shops Fall Shopping Guide: Leggings
Love 'em or hate 'em, leggings are here to stay...well, for this season at least. They're a crucial part of the layered look that's so hot right now, and, bottom line, they keep your legs warm, which, in a New York City winter, is never a bad thing.

Madison Avenue
Do you need to spend $500 on leggings? Probably not. But if you're going to, you might as well go for this ultra-luxe ankle-length merino wool and Lycra blend from Derek Lam.

This pair from VPL has such cool seaming details, you won't want to hide them under a dress or skirt. But if you wear them with a shorter top, make sure they're not too tight. Unless you have the legs of a runway model. Then, by all means, wear them with whatever you want.

Or go for the ultimate in luxury with a cashmere pair from the layering master himself, Marc Jacobs. (Sorry, this pair is currently sold out online, but should still be available in stores.)

A space-dyed knit gives this pair, from Alice & Olivia, cool texture. I'd say pair them with a solid color (preferably black) so your outfit doesn't look too busy.

I've had my eye on this pair by Isli for a while now. There's a side snap vent at the hem, which kind of reminds me of Prince & the Revolution circa 1984, and I think we can all use a little Purple Rain in our outfits. After all, fashion is in the middle of an '80s revival, so why not go with it?

Twinkle by Wenlan has some of the best knits around, and this striped legging is just so quirky-cool, I think if I bought them, I'd want to wear them every day. Again, since this is a pattern, I'd say go with a solid color (or at least a very subtle print) on top.

34th Street
In the '90s, during the height of Grunge, I had a pair of thermal leggings, and I wore them under everything. This pair by Splendid makes me quite nostalgic for them. Plus, they've got to be warm, right?

There's a bit of shirring at the back ankle of this legging from Delia's, the better to wear with flats or cute ankle boots.

Here's another pair of thermal leggings, but these are capri-length, which is different, plus they have an adorable cuff with two little buttons on the side. They can definitely work with a cute babydoll dress, but to avoid looking dated, leave your Doc Martens at home.

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